Be More Productive: How To Accomplish More In A Day

Do you think you can accomplish more in everyday life than you do? The answer to that is of course you can. Everyone gets  exactly the same amount of time. It’s the one thing we all have that is equal.

So why do you think it is that some people accomplish more than others in a day? Of course we can agree that some people have less obligations as far as family, career, or any thing else.

There are some people who seem to have a ton of things going on in a typical day, and yet get so much done. How is this possible?



One of the many things that holds us back is that ugly word. (PROCRASTINATE) To delay or postpone action or to put off doing something. Sound familiar?

Accomplish More

Accomplish More: How To Be More Productive In A Day

Lets face it, most of us are guilty of this at some point. The person you know who accomplishes so much, does not procrastinate. If you want to accomplish more, simply think of something you can be doing instead of watching TV.


Let’s say you want to get in shape, but you just cannot find the time. Someone who is devoted to getting in shape might wake up a half hour earlier in the morning.

They may skip sitting on the couch after work, or watching that television show, which in the scheme of things is much less important.

You can still do the things you want and accomplish more at the same time.

Ok so you want more freedom in your life. Isn’t it possible that if you accomplish more now, you will gain that freedom, and be able to do the things you want?

After you get to the point you want, you will have the time to relax and watch television, or just veg on the couch if that’s your desire.

If you want to get in shape, put the effort in now and when you get to a certain point, you just maintain and once again you will regain your time for what you wish.

However, when you are motivated and you have a purpose, this raises your vibration or your energy level.

When this happens, you will be surprised at what you can accomplish and how you may not want to watch TV anymore.


         Do What Needs To Be Done

Make the things that are priority the first things you get done. Your life can not improve if you put off the things that are pressing.

Instead of thinking about the fact that you do not want to do it, try focusing on what will happen if you don’t do what needs to be done. An interesting example is laundry. Most people do not like doing laundry. They usually put it off until their back is against the wall with one pair of underwear left lol.

This was me for a long time. The funny thing is when ever I was doing the overloaded laundry, I would always think to myself, “this isn’t so bad” . It is the thought of doing it that holds us back, not the actual doing. Find your inner strength and accomplish more.


     How To Accomplish More

  1. Try getting up a half hour earlier, with purpose you will have an easier time getting out of bed.
  2. Give up on the old television for a bit, or at least shorten your time watching.
  3. Think to yourself , “what is more important?” Relaxing, or getting out on your bike and getting healthy? 
  4. A little sacrifice today, will give you the freedom your in search of.
  5. Focus not on what you have to do, but instead on the result you will get if you don’t do it.
  6. On an index card or piece of paper, write down (what did you accomplish today). Carry it around with you or put it somewhere where you can see it multiple times throughout the day.
  7. Accomplish More

    Accomplish More


        Conclusion :


Do not put off what you can do today, for the life we have been given is very special.

Some hard work and sacrifice can really go a long way in creating a future that you can enjoy.

Your life will be blessed and you will feel great each and every day knowing that you have begun to accomplish more than you ever thought you could.

It will start out as a small ripple and turn into a tidal wave of good fortune and a great life!!

What do you plan on doing today?