Are You Driven Or Desperate? How And Why You Should Know The Difference

What is your state of mind? Are you driven, or is it possible that you are just in a desperate state of mind? Perhaps you are not driven or desperate, and just worry in a constant state of fear.

How can you tell the difference ? What are the clues to tell the difference?

Signs Of A Desperate State:

  • Are you always expecting something good to happen, that never does?
  • Do you love what you are doing or is it just a way to make money?
  • When you don’t see results fast enough, do you look for the next break or get rich quick scheme?
    Are You Driven Or Desperate?

    Are You Driven Or Desperate? How And Why You Should Know The Difference

  • In the morning, is it hard to get out of bed, or do you pop up excited for the day ahead?
  • Right before bed do you feel a lot of tension?
  • Do you have a peaceful nights rest, or are you do you toss and turn?



If life has you feeling like its a constant battle to get ahead, its time to find the cause and make a change.

Everyone on this earth has a purpose. Unfortunately only a small percentage of us figure out what that purpose is. Some people actually do figure out their purpose, only to not follow through on it.


Fear Of Failure:

You might be asking yourself why somebody would not follow through with their purpose? One of the biggest reasons is self doubt. There are different forms of doubt, the most common being fear of failure. It’s quite common for a person to have a great talent, only to have it wasted by their limiting beliefs.

Are You Driven Or Desperate?

Are You Driven Or Desperate? How And Why You Should Know The Difference

A majority of the time those beliefs stem from other sources, possibly parents, teachers or friends. It does not matter what the reasons are, they are very real for most people, which leads them to end up getting what are known as safe jobs.

There is only failure in one day looking back and saying I wish I did something with my life.

Fear Of Success:

This sounds a little odd right? Fear of success? Believe it or not as human beings, we tend to surround ourselves with people on the same level.

In most cases, if you are middle class or considered poor, you are not hanging out with a lot of rich folk.

If you are a musician, you probably tend to hang out with other musicians.

I’m sure by now you are wondering, where I am going with this? You see most people tend to hang around with people on the same level as them, and the thought of becoming successful can possibly mean interacting with a new crowd.

This can cause one to feel like they are possibly letting down their friends, in an attempt to better themselves. The key is not to worry about such circumstances as this is a part of life and your friends have the same opportunities as you do. Do not feel bad on wanting to better yourself.

If they are true friends, they will support you while possibly finding inspiration of their own.



Many people lack the confidence to lead a life on purpose. This can intertwine with fear of failure, which have some things in common. Without confidence in yourself, you will always lead a life of desperation trying to figure out who you are.

Are You Driven Or Desperate?

Are You Driven Or Desperate? How And Why You Should Know The Difference

Confidence comes from within, and if you don’t have it you can get it. You just have to change your thinking. Its a mindset. The best way is to get your hands on what ever personal development books, or podcasts, or blogs…. (like the one you are reading wink wink) and take in the information you possibly can.

Affirmations are great. Just read and listen. Meditate, which you can read up on in one of my other blogs, and you will unlock your creative mind.

Every person has the most powerful tool… the mind. Your brain is able to hold more information than any computer ever made. Don’t live your life on false beliefs of yourself.

Everyone has something wonderful inside of them, waiting to be unleashed.

It does not matter what your current beliefs are about yourself are, or what someone else has told you.

You can know about the confidence building exercises in my site.

Are You Driven?

Try looking in the mirror , and say to yourself “Are you driven” . If you are that’s awesome and you are on your way or already living your life on purpose! If you are not, it is time to make a change, and turn your life into the one you were meant to live!

We are all blessed with the gift of life and with all the detours and pressures of every day life it’s easy to get off track, but getting back on track  is 100% possible.


When you live a life where you are driven, you hold the key to happiness, inner peace and better relationships with those around you.

This is what most people search for their whole lives. Some are lucky enough to be in a good place from earl on. For others it comes later in life.

It is never too late to live the life you were meant to lead. Turn your desperation into drive , fuel your mind and reach for the stars!