Being Grateful: The Reasons Why This Simple Change Will Transform Your Life

So I have learned some valuable things along the way, but none may be as important as “being grateful”. When you appreciate what you have no matter what that may be, your life will become that much better. This article is about benefits of being grateful and how it will transform your life.

For sure this is easier said than done, especially if  your life is not going according to plan. Sometimes you have to look around, not in a literal sense, but really see how other people’s lives are compared to your own. I can guarantee you will find someone in a much worse situation.

Of course I do not mean to find joy from someone else’s situation. I am simply saying your life probably isn’t as bad as you think, and it can ALWAYS get better!!

    Benefits Of Being Grateful!



The first thing you should do is be happy you are alive. Nothing comes before this. Being alive is a wonderful thing, a privilege a lot of people no longer have.

benefits of being grateful

A Beautiful World

When you go outside take a look around. The world is a beautiful place. Take some deep breaths, smell the fresh air, and know that being thankful is also good for your soul. When you start to appreciate what you have, you will feel a tremendous difference in your every day life. Benefits of being grateful is something special.

To be grateful is to acknowledge that you have a higher purpose, to know you were put here for something special. We are all special after all.

When I stopped dwelling in my self pity and really began to be grateful for everything good in my life, everything started to change for me.

No longer did I carry around this weight on my shoulders. I found forgiveness for anyone to whom I held a grudge against. This is one of the most unhealthiest weights of the world, and letting go of hate or angst is a wonderful feeling.

You must know someone like this if not yourself maybe. All they do is complain. My job sucks, the economy is lousy. Usually everything is someone else’s fault. I was exactly like that and I know a lot of people who still are.


     Never Hurts To Try:


You have to look at it like this. Stop and think about it and if you are not an overall happy person, and you have a family or at some point would like to be married and start a family, maybe being grateful is worth trying.

benefits of being grateful

Family Fun!!

What’s the worst that could happen? I am speaking from my heart, I know this all to well because my life transformed. Things I hated doing, suddenly went from tolerable to enjoyable. Now I cannot give you the exact reasoning for that type of transformation. Maybe it has to do with an attitude shift.

At least if you have trouble doing it for yourself, try doing it for your family. The difference you will bring will be magnified, and you will see the difference in all those around you. Not just in your personal life. Always be in a positive state.



So lets take a final look at why being grateful is right for you……

 It will make every day that much better. If your having a bad day, it will not feel that bad.
 Being grateful will bring you closer to your family, and it will rub off on them.
 What ever you do for work , even if you are not happy, will become much more tolerable. Who knows it may even bring more opportunity into your life.



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