Find Your Inner Strength: A Few Ways You Can Harness Strength From Inside

Lets talk about inner strength. Most people rely on outside sources to give them strength. This may come from compliments in the form of a physical aspect. For others, it may be a work related compliment, or even a great job on the mother or father role.

The problem is a big majority of us receive thee compliments, enjoy them for a short while, but really don’t believe it for ourselves.

      Love Yourself


I want to ask you something;

Who do you think your biggest fan is? I will give you a few answers to choose from:

  •  Your parents?
  •  Husband or wife?
  •  The Boss?

Your friends?


If you picked any of those you would be wrong. To find the right answer you would have to look in the mirror.

If you don’t believe in yourself, it does not matter who does. You have to learn to love yourself to really be able to be secure in your life.

I had a lot of depression before I loved myself, and it dictated my life.

I felt like I had no purpose, I wasn’t smart, always feeling like I wanted to hide in a shell.


     Breaking The Cycle


The first thing to realize is that being down on your self does nothing for you or the people in your life. Start by giving yourself a purpose.

I know when I had no purpose in my life, it was that much harder. I hit a real low point one time and realized I needed to change. When you feel it’s time to change, start by doing it for yourself.

It may sound selfish, but if you want to be able to love freely and live freely you need to feel that way about you first.

Inner strength when found , is like hitting the lotto. It is a freedom that a lot of people do not enjoy.


    Inner Strength Chants


Some things you can do to help yourself with the process of changing are inner strength chants. There is no set time to do this, although first thing in the morning is definitely a plus. I like to do this all throughout the day, preferably when alone.

You can say it to yourself in your head or out loud. I do it out loud , hence why I like to be alone lol.

I also like to look in the mirror, but I also will do this when I am driving.


It doesn’t matter to much what you say, just something positive about yourself. Try to pick an area you are down on yourself about. DO THIS EVERY DAY ALL DAY AS MUCH AS YOU CAN!!!!!!!

In no time you will begin to feel better and it will affect those around you.





We are all beautiful beings, with a purpose. Most of us may not know what our purpose is. It is easy to become depressed and feel not so great about ourselves.

But yesterday does not equal tomorrow. You can change your life at any time, it just takes a decision. That decision must come from within.

Focus on yourself, and others will attract to you. Live a life of purpose,  and  you will always be at peace.


What will your inner strength chant be? Feel free to share.