Overcome Fear: Surpass Your Limitations

Fear is a major impediment in gaining success. So it should be controlled in order to lead a stress free life. In this article i have tried to mention the ways of overcoming fear so that you can surpass your limitations.

Ways of overcoming Fear:

ways of overcoming fear

Fear of spider

Fear, if used the right way can be an advantage. We all have fears, many of us in different ways. Some people have a fear of flying, others may have a fear of spiders or snakes… I could go on for a long time here. The point is these are fears that are somewhat easy to deal with because they are not a current in most peoples lives.

Every day fear on the other hand is a whole different animal. This can be very debilitating, and really cause your life to be a constant battle. You do everything you feel you have to do, but without any emotion. Do you ever feel like this? You kind of force yourself to get up, get dressed and go to that same old job leading no where.

Being scared to try to change is far more common than not. There are so many people like you and myself who have or who are facing the fear of change. The first thing you want to do if you want to change your current situation is really understand that YOU CAN!!← Notice the capital letters and exclamation marks.

            Anyone Can Change Their Current Situation


: First you must realize that this will not happen over night. But time will be passing anyway so you mite as well use it wisely.

: It is advisable to stay at your current job and use all the resources you have possible to help with your new journey. That means your current salary, and any time you have available before or after work. You don’t have to kill yourself, but consistent learning and applying what you learn is a perfect combination!

: Change your mindset. If your thoughts are always negative you will have an almost impossible time overcoming anything. No one is that much smarter than you. The people earning the big bucks are not lucky, or really smart . In fact you are most likely smarter than most of them. They just believed they could do it and they did.

Remember it doesn’t matter who believes in you. That includes your parents, your wife or husband, boyfriend or girlfriend and friends and family. The only one that matters is you and only you!! In fact you don’t even have to let anyone know what you plan to do, unless you are certain they will support you.






ways of overcoming fear

driving school

Changing your life does not have to be done in one day, week or year. Most people get overwhelmed by thinking of everything they would need to do at one time. Here is an example think back to a time when you were nervous about doing or learning something. A common one is learning to drive.

Oh my, I have to check my mirrors, put my seat belt on, and watch the road?? There are two pedals?? One for gas and one for the brakes?? This may have given you some fear, but I’m sure now you wouldn’t think twice of driving anywhere. It became natural.

Chunking is basically taking in information a little bit at a time. Learn to master this and everything will become easier in your life. It is one of the very interesting ways of overcoming fear.





You can overcome fear if you just allow yourself to believe in yourself and block out the negative energy. Always be in a positive state.

Learn to chunk and take advantage of it in every aspect of your life but especially to make yourself happy.

Remember it is only your belief in yourself that matters, there will always be outside influences and opinions that might not be the same as yours. (only yours matters)

I hope you have found this article helpful and you will follow the ways of overcoming fear in your new journey!! Feel free to comment below.